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CNO’s Statement-Nurses practicing in Foot & Lower Limb Care in Ontario, Canada;

“Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) (collectively referred to as “Nurses”) are regulated health care professionals who provide foot care in a variety of care settings, long term care homes, hospitals, CCDC’s, FHTs, physician offices, and in the community in patients home or in private health clinics. Nurses assess patients, provide preventative care and educate and refer patients to other practitioners where necessary. Nurses also provide non-invasive foot care services, such as clipping nails, paring calluses and corns, debriding morbid tissue, treating ulcers, providing wound care, monitoring conditions of the foot, prescribing and dispensing orthotics, and wrapping and bandaging the feet.”

(College of Nurses of Ontario 2014). HPRAC, stakeholder Feedback on the Chiropody/Podiatry Referral: The current Model of Foot Care in Ontario. Part II(b); Other submissions, 54.

“Nurses are accountable for maintaining and continually improving their competence. Continuing competence ensures nurses’ performance ability is advancing in a changing health care environment, and contributes to quality nursing practice and public safety”. This applies to the practice of Nursing Foot & Lower Limb Care. This accountability is outlined in CNO’s document Professional Standards – 2022. Further information regarding the specialty area of Advanced competencies for Podortho Nurses can be found in the Podortho Nurse Core Competencies document.

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Podortho® Nurse’s Mandate

The Ontario Association of Podortho® Nurses mandate Is to support members by promoting the role of the Podortho® Nurse in career objectives to work in an interdisciplinary health care setting or independent practice.

Our foot care training courses can easily help our members improve their knowledge of foot care and lower limb care. They will obtain the knowledge needed to treat many different lower limb conditions including diabetic foot care. Join our foot care school today.



Podortho® Nurse Registration Requirements with OPNA

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Podortho® Nurse’s Practice Statement

Podortho® Nurse’s are Registered Nurses (Registered Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner (s) who are regulated health care providers that specialize in the field of Advanced Medical Foot and Lower Limb Care. The primary objective of a Podortho® Nurse is to optimize foot and lower limb health, improve client mobility and overall health related quality of life. This is achieved by performing lower leg and foot assessments, which has been known to detect early signs of life-threatening diseases or disabling conditions. In conjunction, Podortho® Nurses use the nursing process to diagnose, develop and implement a plan of care, and evaluate patient outcomes, while working as part of an interdisciplinary health care team or independently to provide quality client care.


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Our Nursing Foot Care Teaching Mission

The Ontario Association of Podortho® Nurses mission Is to facilitate the integration of the Podortho® Nurse into the public health sector whereby the Podortho® Nurse works in a number of different health care settings including but not limited to; Long term care facilities, clinics, hospitals, home care settings and private practice. Podortho® Nurses assess patient’s health care requirements of the lower limb and foot and treat the entire body focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual side of each individual patient.

Podortho® Nurses support and facilitate patient education regarding their general health and conditions and how it relates to their foot health teaching preventative measures to reduce foot and lower limb complications.

Podortho® Nurses utilize their advanced skills and extensive nurse training, knowledge and skills to specialize in quality foot and lower limb care focusing on patient centered concerns working alongside other disciplines or in independent practice.


February, 2018

Our Podortho® Nursing Foot Care Education Vision

To certify Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses with the title Podortho® Nurse who have specialized in post graduate studies of foot and lower limb care though continued education initiatives.

To make recommendations to educational facilities to increase the level of education for Nurses specializing in Foot and lower limb care through continuing education initiatives.

Recommend training for Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses who wish to specialize in Foot and Lower limb care to private educational facilities and, community colleges standardizing a minimum 180 hour nursing foot care training courses.

To educate the public and advance provincial and national recognition of the Podortho® Nurse through the appropriate channels of legislation.

To lead Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses to best practice in foot and lower limb care within their role allowing that to broaden with the continued changes in health care within our governing body encouraging best practice educational initiatives.

To decrease the barriers presented to Foot Care Nurses in the industry that are providing care to their patients.

To support Nurses to become more recognized for their respected education in Nursing and specialty area of foot and lower limb care as regulated health care providers.


Podortho® Nurse Membership Requirements

All Podortho® Nurses must be registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario and possess a non restricted license.

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Must complete post graduate studies in foot and lower limb care accredited and acknowledged by the OPNA meeting requirements as outlined in the Podortho® Nurse Core Competencies document.

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Must acquire advanced learning in Orthotic therapy and compression therapy programs outlined in the OPNA resource care partners section of the website. Post graduate foot care training course certificates must be provided to the OPNA board of director’s in order to be provided with an OPNA registration number.


Our Resource Care Partners are dedicated to the advancement of the Podortho Nurses profession.

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