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Erin King


Erin King

RPN, Podortho ® Nurse, Published Author, Educator, Owner Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. Barrie, Ontario

Erin is a Registered Practical Nurse, Podortho Nurse, Owner of Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. and published author of Feet for Life Advanced Foot and Lower Limb Care text book, President and founder of the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc.

Erin brings decades of experience in the field of Advanced Nursing foot and lower limb care practicing as a Podortho® Nurse/Registered Practical Nurse. She has extensive experience in Nursing as a twenty-five-year veteran previously working in Hospitals, long term care facilities and, private practice.

Erin’s career began in a traditional Nursing role training in hospitals with a focus on complex chronic care and Rehabilitation. Erin graduated from Northern College studying the healing curriculum both at the RN and RPN levels and obtained post graduate studies in foot and lower limb care in the field of Advanced Nursing foot and lower limb care. Erin is a former Georgian College instructor teaching and designing the Advanced Nursing Foot Care program and now educates Nurses in her private practice ensuring Nurses are exposed to and educated in the available treatment options in Podortho® Nursing allowing Nurses to work to their full scope of practice. This is accomplished through providing advanced content with her authored text book Podortho Nursing Advanced Foot & Lower Limb Care (2019). Providing practical experiences that exposes every student to advanced treatment options to deliver high quality care to patients in Ontario allowing them to stay mobile, active and healthy.