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Frederic Parent

Director of Communications & Outreach

Owner Natural Sole Wellness Centre Ottawa, Ontario

Frederic started his undergraduate studies in pure and applied sciences, and computer sciences, only to complete his university degree in business administration with specialization in marketing and public relations. Throughout his professional career, Frederic has spent over 20 years in customer service, including sales, management and marketing. With this acquired knowledge, Frederic is proud to co-found Natural Sole Wellness Centre, Ottawa’s first RN & Podortho-Nurse-led wellness centre, where he takes on the position of Director of Operations and Marketing.

Frederic values the important role that Podortho┬« Nurses play within their independent practice in promoting lower limb and foot health. He is inspired by the high quality and patient oriented care offered by OPNA members and values the ongoing need that the community has for advanced foot and lower limb care. He believes that your feet are the foundation of your body and a strong foundation allows you to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Frederic strongly advocates for Podortho┬« Nursing Care because it is a much-needed service within the Province but there is still work to be done in raising awareness on the key role our members play in our community’s health and well-being needs. Knowledge is power and Frederic is inspired to educate his community about the solid role OPNA members and nurses play.

As the OPNA Director of Communications and Outreach, Frederic collaboratively develops and implements strategies to grow the OPNA’s relationship with other networks, partners, organizations and associations. Working alongside with the association’s Board of Directors, he is able to plan and create diverse outreach initiatives to achieve programs, projects and collaborations as well ensuring effective governance of such processes.

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