Ontario Podortho® Nursing Association

Josée Hunter

Director of Public Relations

Josée Hunter

RPN, Podortho ® Nurse, CEO and Director of Care of Happy Feet Medical Foot Care Inc in Alexandria, Ontario

Josée is the CEO and Director of Care of Happy Feet Medical Foot Care Inc and Happy Feet Workshops and Supplies. Early in her nursing career, Josée recognized the need for preventative care where she could improve one’s quality of life. This has always been her nursing philosophy. Josée’s desire to distill this philosophy into action sent her on a journey to pursue a career as a Podortho ® Nurse, independent business owner and educator in Advanced Foot and Lower Limb Care. Choosing to focus her practice in this specialty area of nursing supports her vision of improving the quality of life of her patients/clients and her community realizing the impact impaired foot and lower limb function has on one’s health related quality of life.

She has since grown her practice to include 2 clinics, services 11 long term care facilities, provides home care and employees 7 wonderful team members and nurses. Josee’s enthusiasm for teaching comes from the generosity of those mentors who have helped her throughout her career. She believes in the “Pay it Forward” philosophy and supporting her nurse colleagues and students to provide the best possible care with the best outcomes. Josee’s state of the art clinics are a great place to learn providing core nursing foot and lower limb care education and additional hands-on workshops to ensure best knowledge intake and practical implementation.

Josée and Happy Feet are delighted to be part of the Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing educational team and she looks forward to expanding her students knowledge and assist them in obtaining the highest level of education in nursing foot and lower limb care now available in Ontario.