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Sarab Dormani

OPNA Vice President

RN, FCN, Podortho ® Nurse, BScN, BScH, Owner and Clinical Director Natural Sole Wellness Centre Ottawa, Ontario

Sarab, is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology and a bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing. In 2012, she obtained her licence to practice as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. Sarab is a member of The College of Nurses of Ontario, The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and a member of the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. where she’s earned the position of Director of Communications among Podortho® Nurses.

Sarab, began her nursing career practising medical-surgical nursing however, quickly transferred to the emergency department where she spent the next 5 and half years developing professional expertise as an emergency room nurse in various settings including resuscitation, triage and care facilitator. Thriving for continuous professional development, she completed her post graduate studies in Basic & Advanced Nursing Foot care, as well as many other continuous education programs related to foot and lower limb care.

With a passion for holistic health and wellness, she has proudly co-founded Natural Sole Wellness Centre in Ottawa Ontario. Sarab feels that she has a solid role in the promotion of foot and lower limb health and is honoured to be a part of such a progressive and growing organization that supports nurses in this specialized are of health care.


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