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OPNA Membership Cancellation Policy

The Ontario Podortho Nursing Association is a non-profit organization that is committed to delivering optimum membership benefits to regulated health care provider’s RN’s, RPN’s, Pod. Ns members. The OPNA is primarily funded by membership fees, which in return enhances the quality of the association and benefits offered to members. As the OPNA expands, board members have a greater opportunity to advocate on the behalf of the Podortho Nursing profession. The OPNA encourages commitment to a full 1-year membership term and continued renewal; however, membership cancellations are permitted at the end of one-year term (December 31). A canceller must provide the OPNA with a written cancellation notice 30 days prior to membership renewal, to avoid cancellation fees.

  • Additional OPNA membership cancelation guidelines include;
  • Members must pay in full for one year. Memberships require a written cancelation notice at least 30 day prior to the anticipated cancelation date.
  • Membership cancellers decline all associated OPNA membership rights, including the practicing title “Podortho Nurse” and waive the right to use any affiliated OPNA material or benefits gained through active membership.
  • The membership canceller understands legal action may be taken if they fail to adhere to the terms outlined within the OPNA policies.
  • The OPNA reserves the right to cancel OPNA memberships if members are not compliant to rules and regulations outlined within the policy and in accordance with best nursing practices outlined by the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • The OPNA is not obligated to refund membership fees outside of these guidelines
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