Ontario Podortho® Nursing Association

Membership (Admin)

Membership (Admin)

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Benefits of Podortho Nurse™ Membership

  1. Use of the title Podortho Nurse™ with accessible description of a foot care related scope of practice and a list of procedure that Podortho Nurses do and practice.
  2. Recognition and assuring OPNA will lobby provincial government and insurance companies to protect the Podortho Nurse™ profession
  3. Ensure standard fee’s are set
  4. Provide and research educational opportunities to ensure quality of programs at discounted rates for members.
  5. Post research articles to website on topics relating to foot care industry
  6. Set new standards for educational requirements as suggested by board of directors and government.
  7. List Podortho Nurse™ names on find a Podortho / Foot Care Nurse
  8. Write quarterly newsletters on topics relating to our industry and make available online.
  9. Create and post online to members only section a Foot Care decision tool and Standard Nursing diagnosis tool to assist with members patient care and charting Nursing diagnosis to ensure consistency of care provincially.
  10. Provide easily accessible links to vendor’s lists and government agencies for ordering products and accessing rules and regulations related to our industry. I.e. Reprocessing links to public health and suppliers allowing them to offer discounted rates to members.
  11. Members section such as a discussion page to communicate between members online. Networking opportunities and open forum similar to Facebook allowing Pod. Nurses to voice concerns, ask peers questions regarding practice, give suggestions etc… create a Podortho Nurse™ Support group.
  12. Access to Podortho Nurse™ Care Plans, Assessment tools, forms, charting templates, and educational handouts to give to our patients. This will allow for consistency of care. It’s time we start helping each other and information sharing.